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You name it - if it's PC related, we can help.

All work can be done on-site or remote, so if you're in the Portland, Oregon area,
e-mail us at DLCE @

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If you're really new to computers, see my Computer basics & buying guide page.

Here are some useful Links :

SMS / SUS Blog
AOL postmaster website
NetBIOS service codes :
Thousands of useful programs. Shareware, freeware, utilities and more :
Not just Microsoft, but the support area for problem solving the most popular desktop operating system. online memory upgrade scanner*
 (*asks for ActiveX install). This tool even tells you how much is installed in each slot

Utilities we use

Host Monitor
Folder Match
Online spyware scan

Network View
Help Desk


DLCE fix area

Add/Remove does not open
Cryptographic services
Reset XP services to default
SFC (system file checker) notes
Reset TCP/IP for WinXP
Reset XP shell folders to default
Change the WinXP Volume Licensing product key
An operation was attempted .. not a socket(1)
An operation was attempted ...not a socket [XP] (2)
Uninstall IE6