Datsun 510 Rear Disc Brake Conversion Brackets


Product Information

Rear disc brakes work best when a front brake upgrade is also performed. Otherwise, brake bias may be effected. Brake upgrades should be approached as a system, not individual components. I provide the brackets (and in some cases the fasteners) only, I do not sell the calipers or any other parts. You will have to source your own calipers, rotors, brake lines, etc.

These brackets make a rear disc brake conversion a simple bolt-on for your 1968-73 Datsun 510 sedan or wagon. Each bracket is laser cut from mild steel. There are several different styles of brackets for different calipers: 200sx, Maxima & Wilwood Dynalite Singles. The design of the Maxima and 200sx brackets is closely based off of a design created by Datsun 510 Guru Kelvin Dietz and has been a proven conversion many times over

Option 1, 200sx
Calipers 82-83 200sx (see notes below)
Rotors 82-83 200sx (10.125" Dia)
Brackets 200sx

Option 2
, Maxima
Calipers 86-87 Maxima (see notes below)
Rotors 82-83 200sx (10.125" Dia)
Brackets Maxima

Option 3*
, Wilwood Dynalite single & 300zx rotor
Calipers Wilwood Billet Dynalite Single 120-4060
Rotors 85 300zx non turbo (11.42" Dia)
Brackets DS2-300zx

Choosing the correct option for your car depends on what size rotors you want to use, what brakes you are running on the front of the car, your performance goals and what your budget is.

*At the time of publishing, this kit has not yet been tested on a wagon.

Precision Brake Company is a great source for Wilwood Products:

200sx/Maxima Conversion Pictures (options 1&2)
installation Instructions: link to 200sx/max install PDF

Wilwood Conversion Pictures (Option 3)
Link to Wilwood installation PDF

Selecting Nissan OEM Calipers

You must make sure that you have one of the above kinds of calipers. Fitment is not guaranteed unless using the specified calipers. When browsing for calipers in a junkyard, be sure to look for the banjo-bolt style hydraulic line on the caliper body. see picture below. These are commonly found on the 200sx hatchback and are the ones that are guaranteed to fit. The maxima calipers should also have the banjo bolt. Other calipers may interfere with the rear shock on 510 sedans. The only differences between the maxima calipers and the 200sx calipers is the mounting height and the E-brake linkage. Piston bores are the same (1.5") as well as the functionality. Pistons can be interchanged between the two, as well as the seals, dust boots, sliders, and other parts. The only real question is, Which calipers are easier for you to obtain?

Mounting Your Brackets

You will need to supply the hardware to mount your caliper brackets to the suspension arms/axle if not included. The most ideal fasteners to use are M10X1.25 x 20mm hex capscrew(Grade 10.9), with a flat washer and Blue Loctite on the threads. The wilwood brackets have threaded holes that are tapped for M10X1.5. Complete hardware packages can be included at an extra cost, see pricing info below.

Helpful Part Numbers:

-82-83 200sx Brake Rotor: Raybestos p/n 9809, 10.125" OD

-85 300zx (non turbo) rear brake rotor: Brembo p/n 3256

-Caliper Rebuild Kit: Brakeware 66427 for 200sx or Maxima Calipers, Available from Autozone

-Rear stub axle lock nut (sedan only): Nissan p/n: 43262-21000, available special order from your local dealer (as of 3-05)

-Rear wheel bearings (sedan only): 6206-2RS Available from any bearing supplier

-Rear Stub shaft seal: Timken 224045, Available from Autozone

-Porterfield R4-S Brake pads for 200sx/maxima rear calipers: AP230

-Wilwood Dynalite Single caliper: 120-4060


Additional Notes

To complete the install you will need to provide your own brake lines. Custom made steel-braided lines can be purchased from most racing supply stores. Or factory equipment hoses from another vehicle can be used with some additional work.

WHEELS: Make sure you have adequate wheel clearance for your selected rear brakes. Please do not ask me if they will fit or not because I dont know. All of the above listed conversions will not affect wheel offset.

Replacing the main seals and dust boots on the 200sx/Maxima calipers is a quick and easy procedure. A complete rebuild of the caliper becomes much more difficult and is not always necessary. Download the caliper quick-rebuild instructions below:

Link to: Caliper Rebuild PDF

Please note that you will lose your parking brake functionality with all conversions listed above unless you fabricate your own system. The stock 510 parking brake system can be used if the caliper is mounted on the underside of the disc as shown in the picture below. This only works with the option 2 kit (maxima) and requires some modification to the end of the cable. Bleeding the caliper must be done with the caliper in the upright position. After it is bled, it can be mounted upside down. Another option is to use a hydraulic line-lock for a parking brake. Click this link for an example of park-lock: Jamar line lock



Contact Aaron at for current pricing information

*All brackets are guaranteed to fit and function correctly, if you have problems, contact EDP immediately and you will be sent a new set.

Availability is limited to batch runs. Please inquire.